Exhibition organiser job description

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Exhibition organisers are in charge of every facet of event preparation, advertising and marketing, organisation and management.

What does an exhibition organiser do? Normal employers

Events give the chance for potential purchasers to satisfy a vast array of sellers within a single place and range from basic customer shows to specialist trade events. The job is extremely similar to meeting organisation and also normally includes:

finding appropriate venues
economic as well as managerial management
marketing and also marketing exhibition space/stands
coordinating sponsorship
marketing and also advertising events
communicating with food caterers, providers as well as professionals
writing advertising material/press releases
supervising the manufacturing of tickets and advertisement material
undertaking market research
ensuring compliance with health and wellness legislation.
The working day is usually 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday yet it can require long hours to fulfill tight target dates. You will certainly also be anticipated to work when the exhibit gets on, which is typically during weekend breaks or nights. Traveling to exhibit venues and also evenings invested far from house are frequently needed. See the best exhibition companies in uae.

Typical companies of exhibit organisers

Companies include exhibit centres, professional event organising companies and also significant personal companies. Jobs are advertised by employment agencies, in neighborhood, regional and also nationwide papers, in professional publications such as The Caterer as well as Exhibition News as well as online.

exhibition organiser

Certifications as well as training called for
There are paths right into event organising for both university grads and school leavers.

Any type of degree discipline is technically acceptable, there is solid competition for vacancies and employers may favour those having a management, marketing, events management or friendliness degree.

It is additionally feasible to begin as an exhibition assistant and work up to being an exhibit organiser. To learn how to get into a task in this area through a school leaver path, go to the friendliness as well as traveling section as well as the media area of TARGETcareers, our internet site aimed at college leavers.

Secret abilities for exhibition organisers

IT, sales, financial, marketing and also PR abilities and experience are normally beneficial. Potential exhibit organisers ought to have plenty of power, the capability to manage pressure and also fulfill target dates, superb interpersonal abilities, careful focus to detail, reliable time management as well as organisational capacities.

Interest to detail

The Devil remains in the detail, so it is very important to pay attention if you intend to avoid having to call a young clergyman and an old priest to iron out your event.

Was the white wine the right temperature? Did the AV equipment work flawlessly? Did the waiters smile? Was there enough personnel to take care of registration in a timely way?

You may have everything planned out as well as arranged, yet it’s the little things that add up to the experience of the event all at once.


Yes, the dreaded B-word made it onto this list. Like any other task that needs sources, you’ll need budgeting skills to arrange an event.

The duty of an event organiser will certainly require you to understand which expenses you have as well as where you can locate prospective sources of earnings to balance your books.

What does an event organiser do? You will certainly likewise be anticipated to work when the exhibit is on, which is commonly throughout weekend breaks or evenings. Traveling to exhibit places and nights invested away from home are often essential.

Employers consist of exhibition centres, professional exhibition organising companies as well as major exclusive companies. Jobs are promoted by recruitment firms, in neighborhood, local as well as nationwide papers, in expert publications such as The Caterer and also Exhibition News as well as online.Welkinevents can give you best budget for your project.


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