How to create a business for your project?

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STEP 1: Find a business idea

It is important not to go headlong! Many people will no doubt tell you that knowing how to start a business is innate, and that some of us have the entrepreneurial spirit while others do not. In reality, starting a business requires a lot of thought beforehand and is rarely done in the snap of a finger.

Identify opportunities

This involves thinking about its concept (brand name, decoration, differentiating assets, corporate image, product or service categories, etc.). This is an opportunity to express your creativity! Be careful, however, that the concept chosen corresponds to the expectations of the customers you are targeting! So ask yourself the following question: “Does my idea create value for its users”? If you can answer yes to this question, you probably have a good business idea.

To be able to identify business time tracking software opportunities, you have to be curious, seek inspiration, especially in foreign countries to adapt them to a French clientele.

Also remember to observe the things that complicate your life and try to respond to them by making your daily life easier.

We often think of the savings achieved through a product or service, but also focus on saving time, energy or simply the entertaining aspect of your project.

Whatever happens, the watchword is the same: you must put yourself in your users’ shoes to find the idea that will best meet their needs.

If you are in lack of inspiration, do not hesitate to consult our guide to finding business creation ideas .

Do a market study

When you want to set up a professional project, it is recommended not to start blindly. For that, you need to set a course to follow.

Should you protect your business idea?

You have a business project and you wonder if you can talk about it around you? we answer you “by making you as small as possibleIt may seem interesting to talk about your project around you, to gather the reactions of your potential customers, but these people must not take advantage of it to steal your idea.

The ideal is to talk about your idea after having completed a few steps (launch of a first collection, development of an MVP, etc.). In order to always be one step ahead of people tempted to use your idea.

Before you start creating your business , it is sometimes necessary to protect your idea. However, an idea cannot be protected by legal mechanisms as such. It is therefore not possible to prevent another person from embarking on the same idea as you.

A business idea is subject to protection only if it is materialized. That is, if the idea has been materialized through a trademark, patent or model. But beware: here again it is not the idea that is protected, but its materialization in a trademark, patent or model.

Example : consider the idea of ​​a coffee capsule whose use is exclusively suitable for a type of coffee machine. This idea can be protected by filing a patent. But without this material support, the idea would not be subject to any protection.

Thus, to protect your creation or innovation, you will have to take the steps with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

STEP 2: Validate your business creation project

Once you have defined your overall business idea, it is necessary to validate your project. For this, you can write a business model but also test your ideas.

The business model is defined as the core of the business plan. Its objective is to define the concept of your future structure. It will explain how you will develop. In other words, how are you going to make money

This document will mention in particular:

l’offre des biens ou services proposés ;

the added value offered to customers;

how the offer reaches customers;

the expected financial return.

To check the feasibility of your business model, you have no choice but to test your idea.

Test your idea

The desired objective is to test your business idea on a sample of people representing the characteristics of your potential customers

For this, you can consider the “Proof of concept” method which allows you to verify the performance of your idea or concept.

Thus, at the end of your analysis, you will know whether or not you can continue your project. This allows you to quickly confirm your idea, to be able to make


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