Opening a business: how to do it

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A business creation project requires having an idea, a particular desire to create something. There are several ways to find an idea:

through your job: this is surely the sector that you know best and which proves to be reassuring for you. Be careful, however, to know the evolution of your profession, as well as the sector in which you are. In addition, the ecosystem in which you evolve daily as part of your business  lawyer can allow you to identify certain unmet needs and potential future customers. Similarly, the know-how of your environment can usefully be used to find your first collaborators. Be careful, however, of the consequences that can result from abusive poaching of employees.

by taking an interest in new trends: it is often by looking for new trends that you can unearth the right idea, the activity that has not yet been exploited. In this case, it is more than recommended to approach innovative circles, to travel…

It is often in the launch of new lawyer   products, new consumption patterns, ecological and food trends that a new trend can emerge.

However, it is not necessarily necessary to come up with a new idea to start a business . Taking up an idea is sometimes also a good way to create a business.

More often than not, the implementation of this idea is just as important. For these purposes, it is essential to know how to surround yourself with the right people to ensure the optimal realization of your vision!

What motivates you to start a business?

After having identified the sectors that you know as well as the new trends, you must try to combine this while responding to several problems. These questions that will have to be answered are more subjective and personal. It is about knowing:

What do you love doing ? When building a business , there is so much energy and time to put into it, that it’s best if it’s in an area you particularly affect. Paradoxically, the etymology of the word passion comes from the Greek pathos which means suffering. However, it is the passion that gives you the desire and the enthusiasm to move forward without immediately obtaining the financia lawyer  reward or the self-satisfaction of a successful project. This is a particularly important psychological lever that will allow you to hold the bar during the storm!

What are your skills ? What can you do? It is indeed important to know where you could use your skills when creating a business. On this point, you have to be lucid: if you are, for example, an excellent developer, but a bad manager, you could save your entrepreneurial project from disaster by surrounding yourself with an accountant. Similarly, if you have no legal training, it is in your best interest to be accompanied by a lawyer for the creation of your business .Your past experiences allow you to have perspective as well as a much sharper critical eye. If you are considering a retraining and a change of sector of activity, you will have to be lucid about the need to learn a lot of new things. Learning requires being humble vis-à-vis knowledge, often difficult when it’s been twenty years since you left school.

Moreover, the creation of a business is not measured only by these elements. It is also necessary to take into account the personal constraints of each entrepreneur, his motivations, the coherence with his personal life.It is also a question of answering a question, which seems simple at first but which is really more complicated: “ Why do I want to create a company? This makes it possible in particular to discard unripe projects and to avoid embarking on a crazy adventure without having measured the consequences beforehand.

It is also necessary to know all the constraints of setting up a business , such as the fact of not paying yourself an income, sometimes for a certain time, also sometimes having to mix private and professional life, not counting your hours and be completely devoted to this new activity. Business creation is also a form of confrontation with failure, you have to show resilience and accept error. This is a particularly important mindset that will allow you to move forward serenely to leave your famous comfort zone with less difficult


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