All about the use of the income tax calculator online

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Do you know about taxable income? Wealth creation for the long term is essential. But this needs precise financial planning to invest in the tax saving instruments. Investments such as life insurance policiesfixed deposits, provident funds, and many more need to be saved on taxes.

This article will provide all the important facts related to the income tax calculator online. Read the complete article to learn about the online income tax calculator, tax income, and many more.

income tax calculator online

Online income Tax calculator

You can easily find income tax calculators online that help you understand the tax liability and reduce the taxable income. This can be done by investing in financial instruments that provide good returns and serve the goal of paying fewer taxes.

You can use the income tax calculator online to fulfill the following objectives.

  • To save money by minimizing the taxable income
  • To understand the tax liability
  • To make the investment in the financial instruments that helps to save on tax.
  • To claim the tax benefits

A way to calculate your taxable income

The income tax calculator online is used to calculate the taxable income by using the annual income and the tax slab that applies to you. There are some tax calculators available that provide you with the different investment options. In your monthly salary, you should have the allowances that provide you with the tax benefits, such as HRA (house rent allowance) and LTA (leave travel allowance).

Total income tax liability

In order to calculate the income tax, you have the following figures.

  • Salary is in the form of money that is paid by your employer
  • Earned income from the property, such as interest paid for a home loan and money received from the rented property
  • Income earned from the freelancing business
  • Income from other sources, such as interest from bonds, savings accounts, and the deposits
  • Earned income from the capital gains such as the purchase and sale of any property and shares.

Benefits of filling the income tax online

Here we are going to tell you the benefits that are made if you fill the income tax online.

  • It is a convenient and quick way of filling income tax
  • Allows for the fast electronic tax refunds
  • It is a secure way to fill the online income tax
  • Help you to carry the forward losses
  • Hassle-free and save the professional costs
  • Serves as the address and the income proof
  • Facilitates real-time status updates and the prompt confirmation
  • Make it smooth and easy to avoid the late fees and penalty


This article provides information on the income tax calculator online. This tool is used to calculate the income tax based on the tax slabs. Taxable income is calculated by adding all sources of income together to get the total income. After that, the deduction and exemptions are subtracted from them.


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