How Can I Diversify My Investment Portfolio?

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When the markets witness a boom, many investors go on a shopping spree. They try to grab as many stocks as possible. However, no one can be 100% sure of the behaviour of the markets in the times ahead. We cannot say how the market will exactly function. To our surprise, the market can change its behaviour at any given moment. The trend may entirely reverse before we realise what’s going on. Therefore, we must always highlight the importance of diversifying the investment portfolio. A properly diversified portfolio can absorb the shock of sudden trend reverses. In volatile markets, a diversified portfolio works the best to minimise the risks, limit losses, and give profits in the long run.

Here are some practical ways by which you can diversify your portfolio.

Smart Allocation of Assets

A variety of securities are present in the financial market. Some are high-risk assets, while others are moderate or low-risk assets. Securities like equity stocks are risky assets, especially penny stocks.

Government bonds, mutual funds, and pension funds are relatively low-risk assets. High-risk assets can give you better returns. Moderate and low-risk securities may offer considerably lower returns, but they are usually stable. Investors should invest wisely to balance the risk against the reward. Those new to stock market investments should opt for stability over high profits. Assess your investor profile and then choose your investment destinations accordingly.

Start With a Mix bag of Equity, Bonds and Government Securities.

When you gain a fair amount of confidence and have enough funds, try diversifying into other assets. You can then go for some of the promising upcoming IPOs also. For instance, the LIC IPO Date & Price will soon be out.

 Assess Qualitative Risks 

One can reduce the unpredictability of stock prices by implementing qualitative analysis to measure the risks involved. Qualitative research helps find a pre-specified value to predict a stock’s success. To carry out an in-depth analysis, use specific indicators that show how stable the stock is. Also, try to figure out its probability to perform well in the future. Some key parameters include efficient business structure, professional management, brand value, risk management methods, corporate governance, etc. In addition, you can research the success ratio of the products and services that a company offers to its customers. Finally, you can find the best stocks to buy today from the platforms of any sound financial firm.

Invest in the Money Market

The money market assets include the certificate of deposit CDs, treasury bills and commercial papers. The most significant benefit of investing in these instruments is that they give you considerable liquidity. The risks involved in these investment instruments are lower, too, making them all the more attractive. The risk-averse investors looking to invest in safe options can consider the money market instruments to make good gains. Although government bonds or g-secs are stable investment avenues, the returns they bring are pretty low. One can, however, put them in the portfolio to balance the high-risk investments like penny stocks. They can also be good in volatile market conditions when asset prices fluctuate heavily.

Treasury bills are almost no-risk securities. This is because the Reserve Bank of India issues them, and they have the union government’s backing. So they are suitable short term investments.

Look for Index Funds

Index funds, also known as fixed-income funds, are one of the best investment options for long term investing. Adding these into the portfolio can protect against volatility or uncertainty in the market. Index funds track the performance of the respective indices. Investing in it spreads your investments across different companies.

Your funds do not go to the companies of a sector. So, the risks are reduced. The funds also have low fees, meaning more profit. Many institutions like IIFL Securities enable investing in index funds at minimal charges.

Reallocate Your Portfolio Constantly

It is crucial to keep a close eye on your portfolio and update it regularly. The markets can change within a short period. One should adjust the holdings according to these changes. Also, take into consideration your goals. Assess how much success you got over a period.

Based on all these factors, take out some assets or add others as per the requirements. Here you can take the advice of an excellent financial advisor who can suggest the best stocks to buy today.


The aim of investing is to allow your money to grow further, helping you meet your targets in life. Having said this, it is essential to invest smartly to enjoy the profits. Therefore, one should spread his investments among multiple investment avenues. There are different kinds of securities that one can invest in to diversify his portfolio. Based on the investor profile, he can choose the suitable types of assets that match his needs.


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